After a long and hectic semester exams, I decided to go on a vacation with my roommate to Punta Cana! Weeks before the travel, I was piling up excitement getting ready to travel to this lovely destination that I have been dreaming of visiting. But before I travelled, I had to make sure that I took note of all the incredible hacks on how to travel on a budget (see travel hacks on how to travel on a budget –  so I don’t come back home soaking garri lol. Travel day was here. I was set and good to go. Adios Toronto!

Bienvenidas a Punta Cana!


I went to the airport, checked in, all excited to leave Toronto. I was finally going to Punta Cana after all the months of planning, watching several travel vlogs and reading travel blog posts like this one. It was such a nice feeling leaving Toronto that day cos it was snowing heavily. I mean what better way to escape the harsh Toronto winter, rubbing it in other peoples’ faces that I was going to a tropical and warm resort (Petty right? Haha 😛)

We finally checked in and we were all set to go to New York (p.s my flight was from Toronto to New York and then finally to Punta Cana). We arrived at New York and 2 hours later, we were set to leave for Punta Cana. The trip from New York to Punta Cana was about 4 hours and I was so exhausted that I slept all through the flight. The pilot’s announcement of our descent into the Punta Cana International Airport suddenly woke me up. Immediately, my eyes began wandering around to see what this place actually looked like. I was just too excited tbh and I’m almost sure anyone could tell that I was a JJC (meaning a novice) lool.

We finally landed! The hot and humid air welcomed us with open arms. I was wearing my denim jacket at this point but I had to take it off because I cannot come and kill myself oo! As we got to the airport, there were groups of people playing some musical instruments and welcoming tourists to Punta Cana. It was just really nice and everyone was so friendly. I felt like a superstar on arrival at the airport lol! We went through immigration and got our luggage and had to wait for the bus to take us to our resort. Our resort was pretty far from the airport so it was about a 40-minute drive.


We got to Now Onyx Resort and it was beyond AMAZING!! The “hola chicas” (Spanish for hello girls) was coming from left, right and centre. We were treated like royalty as soon as we stepped foot into the building. Upon arrival, we were offered a glass of champagne while a full bottle of champagne was waiting for us in our room. The management also upgraded us to a VIP Suite with a personal butler (OMG!!!😮). The suite was incredible with a private jacuzzi and a lovely view.


On the night of our arrival, there was a show going on at our resort so we decided to go watch. There were lots of dancers on stage entertaining the guests. While seating and enjoying the show breathing in as much Punta Cana as I could, I felt a tap and to my surprise I was dragged to come dance. I was so embarrassed and shy at the same time because a lot of people were watching and I hadn’t practiced all my spanish dance moves 😪

After that, we walked over to BREATHLESS RESORT which was also attached to ours. We had free access to their resort and going inside it was honestly breathtaking just as the name implies. There was an interesting game show at the resort (watch and judge for yourself LOOL!)

What a nice way to kick off our vacation as Day 1 seems to be going pretty well.


I decided to get a little adventurous today as we went to the Bavaro Adventure Park. It is a nature-friendly park suitable for families, couples and whoever is up for a mild-to-moderate, fun-filled adventure day. With activities such as zip lining, bungee trampoline, flight simulators and so many others, it is certainly a nice place to visit and appropriate for both adrenaline junkies and newbies. At the park (as a newbie lol), I faced one of my biggest fears, HEIGHT – I went zip-lining YAY!! Now I was not this excited when I was about to get on it lol but I was so proud of myself after the experience

Then we also went zorbing. Imagine the feeling inside a globe-like looking transparent plastic rolling downhill (who came up with this as a form of recreation?) But like I said earlier, I was ready to face my fears and rolling in a plastic ball downhill could definitely be considered as one.


Finally, we walked around the park and did some bungee trampoline thing. Day 2 was definitely a really nice and adventurous experience for me.


After a hectic day at Bavaro Adventure Park, we decided to take a break and just chill at the resort. At night, we headed to Coco Bongo. Dubbed the Coco Bongo experience, is a combo of a regular club meshed with short staged shows taking place every 15-20 minutes. The venue is filled with lots of things to keep you entertained. From the professional impersonators to the performers, balloons and confetti to the dancers, Coco Bongo was definitely the place to be.


Day 4 started out with a boat cruise which was absolutely fun! We had an amazing view of Punta Cana. We also had a party on the boat and I was the DJ💃🏻💃🏻.

All boats gathered around and we were all playing our various music out loud. It was basically a competition of who had the most banging music lol

Thats me feeling myself 😉😂

At the boat cruise, I was honoured to have Gordon Ramsay as the captain (Psych!) But have a look, doesn’t he look like him?

We danced, ate and basically just had a very good time during the cruise.


I mentioned earlier that this trip was basically one to challenge myself and face my fears. Just when I thought that I was done challenging myself, I went parasailing. Okay, I knew I was going parasailing cos I obviously booked it but I think after the zip-lining, I was kinda contemplating doing this activity. After paying for this, I had to make sure I went for it and since I had fun zip-lining I felt it would also be fun parasailing.

I’m not gonna lie, I was very nervous at first but after a few seconds parasailing, it felt awesome! I was marveled at how beautiful Punta Cana was as this activity gave me an exceptional view of the city. Unfortunately, I wasn’t able to capture the view with my phone because I was scared of it falling into the water. However, I really recommend you try out parasailing.


Later that night, we were given a free romantic dinner. I mean this would have been ideal if I’d gone with “bae” but I couldn’t pass this free dinner so I went with my roomie 😊 The atmosphere was really soothing with soft music playing at the background and a table set very close to the beach. It was nothing short of a romantic dinner lol. What a splendid way to end Day 5 and reminisce on the awesome vacay we had just had.



We caught our flight back to Toronto and I was also very happy to be back in Toronto to experience summer 😊 (Canadian weather is pretty unpredictable).  My experience at Punta Cana was really nice and writing about it now makes me want to go back. A big thank you to the staff and management of Now Onyx and Breathless Resorts for making our stay a memorable one. Besos 😘

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  1. Aww your trip sounded like so fun! I love the fact that you went with your roommate and how you both made sure to participate in a lot of activities. I would definitely love to visit Punta Cana in the nearest future and this post has further assured me that is a nice travel destination. Can’t wait to read more travel posts from you!

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