I had a very annoying encounter few years ago at a salon in London. I was a regular at this salon and always went there to get my weaves done. On one occasion, I went there to get my weave out and this hair stylist whom I was familiar with made a comment that got me really upset. She said “I don’t know why black girls refuse to take care of their natural hair. They prefer taking care of their weaves”. I took it as a serious jab and decided to confront her immediately. However, thinking about it now, she made a lot of sense. As at that time, I was always wearing weaves and taking care of it cos technically, it’s my hair (I bought it with my hard-earned cash lol). But I did this to the detriment of my own hair (the one I didn’t have to buy lol). Her statement got me into the then new wave (naturalista movement). I cut my hair (the damaged ends- which was almost all of my hair) and decided to take care of the healthy bit of my hair. I did this for some months and without a doubt saw a huge difference in the texture, length and health of my hair.


  1. Water:

I didn’t realize how thirsty (literally) my hair was until I started using this tip. Water is definitely the best and the most inexpensive treatment you could ever give to your hair. When I spritz water or wet my hair, it shrinks really well (this is what I started saying to myself, when the hair shrinks, it’s telling you how happy it is that you quenched its thirst. It is literally absorbing the water cos it is enjoying the refreshing taste). Also, if you have issues with dandruff, water alongside other treatments mentioned in this post would help moisturize your scalp and stop dandruff instantly.

  1. Oils:

I started off with olive oil and then later started adding castor oil to my hair regime. I saw a huge improvement in my hair as I did this. I usually apply water first to my hair and then the oils.

  1. Leave-in-conditioner:

This is so important!! I just introduced this a year ago to my hair regime. For one month straight, I wet my hair and applied a generous amount of leave-in-conditioner every day. My hair is so soft now and as at the time I started, I noticed a curl pattern. At the moment, the curl pattern is halfway through my strands. I never knew my hair could literally become brazilian curly. I bet you when you start pampering your hair, it will amaze you to see the things it is capable of.

  1. Shea Butter:

It is really good for the natural hair although it smells foul. I used this at the beginning of my hair transition but stopped using it cos I did not want to stink up the place (p.s. I used the underground to uni everyday). However, if you don’t mind the smell, you can definitely go for it.

  1. Shower Cap:

I apply my hair products and cover my scalp with a shower cap. This alongside your body’s natural heat helps the hair soak up all the “amazingness” of these products.

  1. I brushed my hair from my ends to my roots:

Don’t let those hair stylists especially those who don’t know how to deal with your type of hair touch it. Some of them literally fight with your hair while combing it. Don’t do that! Brush your hair from the ends first and then go up to the roots. I know this sounds strange but trust me when I say this reduces hair breakage. It’s a tip that’s been a life changer for me. Also, smile while you are brushing it and treat your hair like your crowning glory. Take your time, this could be your relaxation cue 😊

  1. Sleep with a satin scarf:

It’s really simple. Sleep with a satin scarf. Now I wasn’t doing this at first but realised I needed to start doing this when my hair started growing really long. I noticed my ends were waving goodbye to me every week and did not want to keep losing my hair. So, I bought a satin scarf and started wearing it every night. I have definitely noticed that it helps me retain my length.

  1. Protective Styling:

It’s no doubt that the harsh weather conditions show no mercy to our hair. It is therefore essential that we protect our hair in styles that will prevent it from breaking. Of what use is it to take care of our hair only to leave it for the scorching sun or the cold winter (depending on where you are) to damage it. For me, I wore wigs, wigs and more wigs! Underneath the wigs, I braided my hair, twisted it and folded into a bun to protect it. I also made sure my hair was never too tight so as I don’t lose my edges.

  1. Reduce the use of shampoo:

Instead of using shampoos, I washed my hair with conditioner. I know that this is strange but believe me it worked. One thing I have also recently introduced is the use of a moisturizing detangling shampoo (I never knew this existed). I use this every other week to wash up my hair and prevent product buildup. This has really been of huge benefit to my hair.

  1. Be Patient:

Your hair grows approximately 6 inches every year. You didn’t become an adult in 2 weeks so give your hair time to grow. There is no magic wand that would make your hair grow fast. You just need to be patient and consistent.

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