Few days ago, on a recent trip to Abuja, I was packing up, getting ready to leave the next day when I decided to enjoy the beautiful scenery from my balcony. It was a somewhat cool and quiet Sunday evening and the view from where I was breathtaking. Now, I have been reading a motivational book by Mike Murdock and on this day while reading it, I suddenly stumbled on this quote “The Secret of Your Future is Hidden in Your Daily Routine”. How true is this?

When I saw this statement, it quickly reminded me of a YouTube video I recently watched where a lady employed a life coach to help get her life together. This life coach unknown to her decided to show up at her house unannounced. When she asked why, he ended up telling her that he wanted to watch her all day. When she wondered what he meant by that, He said to her “if I watched you all day for a day, I can ascertain if you would be successful in life”. How good or bad your future would be will depend on what you are doing or not doing during the day. This is rather deep! To attribute one’s whole future to a thing as little as your daily activities? What has your daily routine got to do, got to do with it (in my Tina Turner voice)?

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Do we ever pause to think about our daily routine? Or is this something that comes across our minds when we have an important task to accomplish and a ridiculously close deadline to meet? What do we do after completing the task? Do we end up overly celebrating the task we just accomplished, overcompensating for the time we spent on the task or in plain words mismanaging our time? Someone rightly made a statement that “the hours of our day are individual messengers. We give them assignments to carry out and ensure that these assignments are effectively carried out”. What assignments are we sending our 1pm messenger? What about our 7pm messenger? Is it always on social media errands or TV watching errands? Some of us might give the most reasonable excuse “I work a 9-5 job”. As reasonable as this may seem, what are we doing from 6pm to 7pm or better still from 11pm-12pm?

Most of us (yours truly included) would be shocked if we watched a hidden camera secretly recording all that we do on a daily basis and how we end up complaining of how busy the day had been. It is pretty laughable (come to think of it) to find out that we sometimes spend our whole day basically doing nothing and feeling really tired and worn-out doing nothing.

Now it might not mean that you were not doing anything however, you were probably wasting your time engaging in unproductive activities.

How Does Your Future Depend on This Quote?

  • If you spend most of your time on social media. POSSIBLE OUTCOME: Eye Strain resulting from constantly gazing at your phone screens, Inability to focus on tasks and basically unproductive Days.
  • If you spend most of your time working. POSSIBLE OUTCOME: Stress. Might end up in the hospital with health issues.
  • If you spend most of your time gossiping and moving from one gossip site to the other. POSSIBLE OUTCOME: Please fill in the blank spaces …….

In other words, your future will be created by your what you spend your time doing throughout the day.


Today we are going to try something we may have or never done. We are taking an inventory of our day. I would be checking my daily activities and take off or reduce long unproductive activities while implementing productive ones.  I implore you to do the same so together we can create our desired future. I wish you a happy and productive week ahead!

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