Hey Guys! Mehn! I’ve got a lot on my chest that I need to let out. So, earlier this week, I was on my way back home after a really long and tiring day at work. While getting off the train, I noticed there was some guy (a homeless man) begging for money. No one seemed interested in helping him so he came towards me to ask for money.

Now, here I was trying to be nice to this man. I quickly checked my purse to see if I had some cash on me and luckily I found some money and gave him what I had ($5 to be precise). You won’t believe what this guy did next. When I gave it to him, he didn’t even say thank you. He just took it like I owed him some money and refused to pay back the money in full. Normally, I wouldn’t care about him not thanking me and all but what got me really irritated was when he went as far as asking me for $20. According to him, he needed it to buy himself a box of pizza.


The saying “a beggar has no choice” is definitely not the case with this man o. How dare you! The guts! This guy did not thank me, he did not even act like he appreciated the money, he is demanding for more money to buy himself a box of pizza! What in the world happened to McDonalds!

At this point, I had had it with him and just decided to walk past him. I made up my mind that the devil was not going to spoil my mood. Unknown to me, there was a lady beside me who saw everything that happened and was fuming inside. See how God works lol, this man decided to go to the lady to beg her. She told him off outrightly for what he did to me. She basically spoke my mind and told him how ungrateful he was for asking me for more money when I had already given him what I had. Mschew!

While narrating my experience to my sister, she told me of hers. She said she was on her way to get some groceries when a boy walked up to the car, sprayed some detergent and water on the windscreen and started cleaning it without letting her know. She asked him to wipe it off but he refused. He kept on cleaning it (smh ). After doing the job he wasn’t asked to do, this little boy started requesting to be paid.

Now she had no money on her at that moment and she told him she had nothing on her. This silly boy sprayed back the detergent and water on the windscreen after cleaning it and then hit the windshield really hard Arggggh! Can you imagine! She said she felt like strangling him. You want payment for a job you weren’t asked to do! Who does that? Wow! As if that wasn’t enough, another one came up and was basically apologizing to her for the little boy’s behaviour. He decided to clean up the mess and in her mind, she was like  “finally, someone with common sense”. In less than 30 seconds, Oga started asking for some money!

Now I’m not against giving beggars alms. I’m also not against begging but if you must beg, be courteous about it. You didn’t give any person any money to keep on your behalf, so don’t act like you did! It’s annoying when people beg and request for more than you have already given them, it’s even worse when they become violent cos you had nothing to give.

I know that you’ve had your own experiences, please comment and share yours. Let’s rant together lol.

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