Shoutout to all my 234Residents in relationships. Y’all are really serving us with some major #relationshipgoals but we may have to put you on the hot seat today. Why do some of you feel the need to hide the identity of your partner and at the same time expose little pieces of him? Posting only his arms, dissecting his body into half and blinding his face with emojis. Come on!

Yes we get it, you’re in a relationship and we are all very happy for you. But if you want to show us your so called bae, then go ahead and show us. But if you don’t want to, then why bring all that attention to yourself sis. Now let me be truthful, we have in one way or the other found ourself doing this so if you do this once in a blue moon, you are exempted. But if this is your thing and you are well known for this. Please reconsider.

Girl, if you are showing us your boyfriend, show him properly, flaunt him, don’t be shy. If he is meant for your eyes only, then please stop disturbing us with emoji-looking boyfriends #ItHaffDo. And to those of you who participate in this movement but aren’t even in relationships,

We see you girl!!


  1. I kind of get people who hide the identity of their partners from social media tbh. It is a way of showing you’re off the market (maybe a little showing off lol) while still keeping your life private. I personally would not do it so far my partner is comfortable with being featured on my social media but I also understand how annoying this new trend can be as it is a bit extra at times

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