It’s the 31st of December. You are all pumped up, getting ready for the new year. Writing down these lengthy plans and goals for the new year. You call it “My New Year’s Resolutions”. And then to your utter amazement, it’s another 31st of December! How did I get here? This year moved so fast. What did I achieve this year? Guess what? You are back to the same old spot about to do the same old thing “writing down your new year’s resolutions”. We can all relate to this cos at some point in our lives this was us and who knows this could actually be us right now.

According to Huffington Post, only 8% of “New Year Resolutionists” keep their resolutions. But why is this the norm? Is it that we set too many goals that we find it difficult to focus on one? Or could it be that we have this euphoric feeling at the beginning of the year that slowly diminishes by the end of the week? Could it be that we spend time writing and spend no time doing? I could use myself as an example. I planned to start off this blog like two years ago. I seemed so excited about it. I talked so big about it and dreamt so much about it. However, there was one missing piece from the puzzle. I did nothing about it.  That’s right, Absolutely NOTHING! And the days went by and days turned to weeks and weeks to months and months to years. Still, here I was with nothing to show other than my big talk, big dreams and excitement. It was not until I realized that I needed to take action. Writing new year resolutions should be backed up by a complementary action plan. They are two peas in a pod. I know you might be thinking ,“but we are almost halfway through the year”. True, but it’s never too late to start afresh. Actually, it is better to start now rather than wait till the 31st of December queuing up another cycle of regrets. Next time when you set those lengthy plans and goals for the new year, just like the popular slogan of Nike, “Just Do IT”!


  1. This is for sure something I needed. After reading this beautiful post, what resonates in my mind is “Just Do It”. From now on, I would have to Just do it. Thank you so much

    1. We are glad to see the positive impact our post has had in your life.
      Thanks for the feedback and wishing you a positive week ahead ☺️

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