Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you loved someone and thought they loved you back but got a rude awakening when you realized that they didn’t. The Bachelor Nation has just had its most heart-wrenching episode yet (otherwise known as the “Fence Jump Episode”). Former NFL player, Colton Underwood, who is presently this season’s bachelor had his heart broken during the Fantasy Suite. Let’s dive more into this gist and maybe relate it to what happens in our everyday life 😉

First, So Many Choices!!!

If you are a regular on this TV show, you would know that the beginning of the season is marked with all these beautiful ladies looking for their Prince Charming; in this case, there is only one. The Prince Charming is faced with so many choices and he has to decide which lady he would be giving the coveted rose to. Doesn’t it just make you think of how this could play out in real life where you are faced with so many choices and how difficult it could be choosing who you want to be with? Cos’ at least for some or most people, it seems like all the potential partners are sharing traits that you love but not a single one of them has all the traits you want. Now I know some people are like “I don’t have so many choices ooo”. I feel you, we are riding on the same boat 😉 . But, at some point in your life, you had at least two people you were interested in at the same time and making a choice was challenging.

Presenting the Roses!

Colton Presenting The Roses

Colton, after spending sometime with the ladies has to present the roses to the ladies he has connected with. Just like in life, we are meeting all these people and are going on dates with these potential partners. After the date, we cancel the whole idea of forging a relationship or better still, take it to the next level (which could be a second date). Now, I know some people may be against this whole idea of dating so many people and ticking potential partners but not so many people are lucky to meet their to-be spouses in just one go. Some of us end up kissing so many frogs before that special one 🤷

Love is blind ❤️

Meeting someone who you are attracted to physically, emotionally, financially (for some people) and otherwise could be the best thing in the world. Some people might refer to this stage as the ‘honeymoon phase’ where you don’t see any wrong (yup, you are literally blinded by love) and you don’t want to hear anything bad spoken against this ‘special someone’. You could even be a bit rebellious (depending on the circumstances) and  daring.

This was Colton on this episode. He was so into this relationship with Cassie, that he missed out on all the red flags. Some girls on the show told Colton that some of the girls – Cassie included, were not there for the right reasons. Colton, just like many of us will, still fell for Cassie (Talk about love is blind and probably deaf too)  

We’ve all had that relationship where we’re warned by so many friends, loved ones and even family about the person we are dating. But because love does cloud your judgement, you still end up falling for this person until you realize that you’ve just made a huge mistake.

HeartBreak Hotel!💔

Finally, the sweet romance ends up in shambles as Cassie says she wasn’t sure her feelings will ever match up with Colton’s.


Can you imagine? After leading him on for several episodes, this Cassie of a girl ends up saying she was basically not interested in Colton. Why do people do this? They lead you on and then eventually leave you to yourself. It’s really painful to imagine what this young man must be feeling right now. Infact, if you watched this episode, Colton, after the heartbreak, literally “scaled” the fence leaving behind the producers and camera crew.

Kudos to Colton, he’s really fit to do this 😉

He couldn’t take it anymore. But come to think of it though, could this be karma? 🤷. If you are familiar with The Bachelor, you’d remember Tia, who was head over heels in love with Colton but Colton just like Cassie had no feelings for her.

Which brings me to my next question, why do we fall in love with someone who doesn’t really want us? It’s almost like we fall in love with the people who don’t love us back and then we turn our backs from the ones that are deeply in love with us. This makes me wonder, could it be that we end up settling for those who love us more or our next available option at that particular time especially when we lose out on the one we love?

In that case, is that really love? This love thing is absolutely weird and I can’t help but ask these questions. Please comment below and let’s share our experiences and thoughts on this so we could learn a thing or two from this thing called “LOVE”.

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