There was a period in my life when I had severe acne on my face – talk about a pizza face filled with variety of acne toppings ranging from medium to large sizes. Now what was funny was that back in High School, my face was very clear with absolutely no pimples and I actually prayed for some acne on my face. I don’t even know why but then I thought it was part of becoming a big girl (as a teenager). And now here I was with zits all over my face, crying and praying for the reverse of what I had prayed for earlier.

I was very insecure and self-conscious. I tried everything possible to get rid of these zits – just name it, from applying toothpaste on my face to freezing up my face with ice. Nothing seemed to be working. I had finally had enough and decided to get professional help. So I met up with a dermatologist who recommended Clinique 3 Step Skincare and that was an absolute FAIL!

These zits were very persistent and had definitely come to stay. Going out became a hassle as I couldn’t step out of my house without putting on some makeup. At some point, I started masking off my “acnefested” face with my MAC foundation. But as we all know, there’s only so much foundation can cover when it comes to acne. Then I realized that the more I used my foundation, the more my acne kept increasing. So I decided to stop using my foundation for a while and guess what? My acne was actually reducing. Not as much but there was definitely a difference.


Then my brother recommended this product called “Benzagel Acne Gel”. This product is truly a game changer! It is really affordable (only $10 in drugstores) and would last for months. The good thing with this product is that you do not need to apply it all over your face. All you need to do is apply a very small quantity directly on your zits each time you use it.


Benzagel Acne Gel contains 5% Benzoyl Peroxide which is very effective in the reduction of the number of acne lesions. It also diminishes the severity of acne as it penetrates the skin, killing the bacteria responsible for acne inflammation.


I usually just wash my face (P.S: I do not have a proper skincare routine), apply the gel on the zits and use a moisturizer. I do this twice a day – in the morning and at night right before going to bed and wake up to a clear and smooth skin.


Some acne gels and creams I had used in the past would worsen the condition before clearing your face however, this gel literally worked overnight. At the moment, I have reduced my usage to only when I have a flare up (which is usually very rare).

Disclaimer: I am not a medical personnel. This is just MY own personnel experience from using the Benzagel Acne Gel. It may or may not work for you. Some people have said that it causes excessive dryness so please use with caution. If you also notice any abnormal side effects from using this product, please stop usage immediately and seek professional help.

5 thoughts on “HOW I GOT RID OF MY ACNE”

  1. Wow. If I had known this all those years I had 10 different pizza toppings on my face. I also think certain foundations causes breakouts and ladies please remove your makeup before going to bed. I wish I did that when I was younger because now I have white-heads under my eyes that never clear out. Thank you for sharing your experience.

  2. I have been having serious acne flareups since the beginning of the year. I have also tried several acne treatments that have not worked. I would definitely give this a try.

    1. Sorry babe, I was once in your shoes so I can definitely relate.
      Feel free to give it a try and let us know if it works for you ☺️

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