I’ve got something to say and I’d really like it if my rant could be featured anonymously. But before I start, I’d really like to thank you for creating this platform where people can also rant on your blog. I absolutely love the concept because it makes me as well as your other readers feel included.

When I was 11 years old, I had an injury on my hand so I couldn’t do much with it. One night, it rained heavily and my room got flooded. So my dad asked one of my uncles to help clean up my room. This uncle of mine was very nice and always very cheerful. And at that time, I was a huge movie fanatic and so was he. He always used to buy movies and we would watch together. He was my favourite uncle.

There was a night when he was helping me clean my room and I noticed he was acting funny. So he saw a sanitary pad in my room while cleaning and he said to me “You are getting bigger oh!”. I thought it was a compliment so I just replied saying “Thank You!”

Then he asked me for a favour –  “If you really want me to buy these CDs (the movies he usually buys for me) for you then do me a favour please?” He knelt down and asked and of course I was uncomfortable with that so I’d asked him to please stand up. I mean I was going to help him with whatever he asked because like I said earlier he always got me movies to watch and I thought he was really nice. Not until he told me what he wanted and I was SHOCKED 😮

He said “I want you to play with me”. I was very confused at this point because I had suspected he meant something else but I just couldn’t bring myself to believe my uncle would ask me to do such a thing. He then asked me not to tell my mom and dad. That sparked something in my head because he was obviously not talking about the “play” I was familiar with. Frankly speaking, being an 11 year old I’d have wanted to play not knowing what he meant if my mom hadn’t warned me about things like this. I got so angry at him so I asked him to get out of my room before I opened my eyes and I pushed him out. Like can you imagine a grown ass man asking a child for such.

So I went into my sister’s room and asked her to be very careful of this uncle. I narrated the story to her and she said he had touched her once too. I also told my brother about it and my brother narrated to me how he asked him to perform oral sex on him which I found really weird.

Now I am ranting because I told my mom about what my uncle had done and she didn’t even do much to the best of my knowledge. I was really surprised to see him in the house the next day. I thought he was going to be sent packing immediately. Of course the relationship I had with him was definitely smeared and even up till now, I don’t talk to him. How could a family member want to do such a thing to a little child and has even tried to do the same on his other niece and nephew. I couldn’t just wrap my head around it.

Now onto my mum, I could not believe that she let this pervert stay in our house and kept on inviting him to family events even after hearing what this man wanted to do to her children. She still let him stay in the house even when I was very uncomfortable having this pervert in the house. I never felt safe at home and I felt like I was in a helpless situation. Who could I possibly talk to again when my own mother wouldn’t even help me out?

It’s been so hard for me to talk about this and sometimes I really find it difficult to forgive my mom for making me go through all of that. I just want to say that parents should please learn to listen to their kids and take action when necessary. Although it’s something that bothered me for the longest period of time and I’ve healed from it, it could have been a different case for someone else and even for me. Just imagine if he had forced himself on me or on any of my siblings. I am really sorry if this sounds a bit deep for your platform but I think people need to rant about serious issues sometimes to create awareness about issues that are usually swept under the rug. Thanks again for this platform!


  1. Thank you for sharing with us. We hope you all learn a thing or two from this story and ensure it doesn’t happen to someone else or even to you. Don’t forget to send your rants for a feature next week.

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