A big congrats to all the graduates #Classof2018 !  After all the years of hard work, tears, all-nighters and painful exams that made you doubt yourself, you’ve finally made it to the finish line. Now unto the big question – What’s next?  I guess you have been thinking about this for sometime now and if you were like me, a few days to the graduation. To be honest, I think this question should have been on your mind and you should have been planning for this day way before now. However, if you didn’t, that’s fine. We’ve got you.

Post Graduate Studies

There are so many options out there on what to do but you have to know what to do and how to go about it. If you are torn between getting employed and further study, ensure you get proper counselling from your uni’s Career and Counselling unit to help you decide on what to do. However, for those of you who would want to go into doing your post grad, it doesn’t hurt to take that route as you get back into the same bubble you just left (it is worth noting that this could be a somewhat reasonable bubble).

This new route could help you switch careers, upgrade your CV and give you better opportunities. So you could explore this route but with intense research. You need to know why you are doing it, what you intend to gain out of it and if it is worth it? Ask people already in the programme you intend enrolling in. Find out from your lecturers/professors on what they think of your plans cos remember they know your industry better than you do. Do proper research on the modules or courses that this program contains and find out if this is what employers are looking for or what you would need.

Graduate Career

The job market at the moment is a highly competitive one. It is therefore essential that you properly sell yourself to your employer. Ensure that you impress your employer with an outstanding CV (resume) and cover letter tailor-written for the specific job in question. Your CV and cover letter should indicate to the employer that you have the necessary skills, qualities and experience for the job in question. So make sure you spend time crafting it to ensure that you stand out from the crowd. Also, you should not restrict yourself to the conventional ways of getting a job. Social media can be a powerful tool in getting a job so ensure you utilize this effectively. Finally, Network, Network, Network. Be proactive in your job search and improve your transferable skills to ensure you meet the job specification.

Internships and Placements

Most large graduate recruiters offer internships to prospective graduates as they are looking for graduates with relevant work experience. These internships are used as a form of extended interview process by recruiters. If you are successful, you could be offered a place in the company. So this could be a possible route for you and should be explored. You could choose from several graduate schemes to help you secure a job in a firm of your choice.

Self Employment

If you have tried all of the above options and not experienced any success, maybe it is time to try out this route. It is not a bad idea to step out on your own and set up a business. Ensure you do proper research on any business idea you have got and write out a properly laid out business plan. With the use of social media, you could get to create awareness of your business venture. Although this option has its own challenges, you could test it out and see if this could be an excellent choice for you. Wish you all the best on whatever options you decide to embark on!

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