A few days ago, a friend of mine sent me a video. I usually don’t watch these videos whenever I receive them because I sometimes find them rather irrelevant and irritating. However, I decided to watch this because it was sent by someone who rarely sends videos to me. After watching it, it really got me thinking hence my writing about this. Changing your focus can entirely change your perspective on life and possibly change your life. How true that is!


The video started off with a professor handing white papers with a black dot on each paper to his students. He asked them to write on what they see and the result was interesting to say the least. No one wrote about the white part of the paper. Imagine looking at a piece of white paper with a little black dot and all the students could write about was the little black dot. Now, when I watched this video, it didn’t seem far-fetched to me, as I would have probably done the same thing.


From the video above, it seemed like everyone focused on the little black dot. The same happens in our lives. We tend to focus on the little black dot and refuse to acknowledge the white part of the paper in our lives. Isn’t it interesting that the black spot as little as it is, gains more of our attention than the white part of the paper? Isn’t it also interesting to realize that the white part of the paper regardless of how big and massive it was, did not gain the attention of the students. Just like our everyday blessings, little favours and so many other lovely things we experience and have don’t gain our attention.

Take a look at the picture above. This is what happens when you focus on the white part of the paper. Did you notice the black dot? Not really I guess. Why is that? Cos the white part of the paper has clouded the black dot so much so that it is almost impossible to notice the black dot.

Now go ahead, take a look at the picture below. Did you notice the black dot here? If you saw what I did, your answer is a definite YES. Why is that? Cos the black dot has become so magnified that it has clouded the white part of the paper. The saying that what you focus on becomes magnified is actually true. This is exactly what happens when you focus on the little black dot in your mind and in your life.

If you keep focusing on your problems, for some reason that would be all you keep noticing. If you focus on your failures that could be all you see. If you focus on your fears, they become so big that you find it difficult to stretch out of them.

Furthermore, what you focus on can also redirect where you are going. Have you ever driven a car and noticed something on the left side of the road? You decided to turn to look at that part of the road only to realize that your car was going towards the direction of what you were focusing on. The same happens when you focus on unpleasant memories and things, it can actually redirect your whole day and cause your mood to change.


The truth is what you focus on is extremely important as it could have the following effects on your life (see below).


The black spots in the lives of people may vary from person to person. The black spot in your life could be different from those in another person’s life. Yours could be health issues, No Job, Financial Issues. Go ahead! Fill the blank spaces…………………………………………………………………………..


The white part of the paper just like the black dot may vary from one person to another. Yours may be a new dream car, a new spouse, a new house, good health or even the fact that you are alive.


It is your choice to choose. Would you choose to focus on the black dot –the little, insignificant issues of your life and forget to see and acknowledge the white – the significant blessings, treasures, favours that are so massive that you tend to shove under. Stop now and ask yourself, What am I focusing on? This question could be the start of you totally changing your life. Have a lovely week ahead!

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