Today, I turned a year older (Don’t ask me how old I am lol) so as usual I had to take an “inventory” of my life. I reflected on my past, present and future however, I found myself reflecting more on some of my biggest regrets, mistakes and even flaws. “I should have done this instead of that!” “I can’t believe I did not see that coming!, What in the world was I thinking?!” It almost changed my mood on this special day cos I mean you celebrate birthdays right?

In the midst of it all though, a thought suddenly brushed into my mind and I realized what I was doing. I was focusing on the negatives and leaving out all the numerous blessings that I had received in such a short period of time. It would only take one look back to see all the incredible things that have happened to me this year alone, but here I was; focusing on the little black dot on the piece of paper that is my life, rather than the huge sea of possibilities represented by the untouched white of the paper itself. (see “Change your focus” blog post;

Today, I choose to celebrate my small wins regardless of how small I think they are. I choose to celebrate my big wins without any apologies. I choose to celebrate my flaws cos they are not flaws to someone else. I choose to celebrate my mistakes cos God knows I am not going the same route again. I choose to celebrate my regrets cos they have made me who I am today. I choose to celebrate my pains cos they have made me see the true reflection of my gains. I choose to celebrate my past cos it has shown me a glimpse of my future. I choose to celebrate me cos there can never be another me!

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